“What chance do we have of ‘raging against the machine’ if we are trained to act like robots?”

In recent years we talked a lot about what makes innovations disruptive. This year we look at the other side of the coin: Managing for innovation, disruption and change from within.

How can organisations respond and adapt to disruption, or proactively innovate?

Many employees feel they don’t have the agency to bring about meaningful change, thus enacting whatever the ‘system’ (the machine) requires. In turn, the role of many processes and systems in organisations is to stabilise and perpetuate the status quo, regardless of how stupid such practices might be.

As a result, disruption poses an existential threat to many organisations because they have become unable to respond. Similarly, and despite investments in innovation programs, many organisations struggle to innovate or bring about transformative change.

But why is this? What can we do about it? And who will lead the way?

Our expert speakers engage with these questions from different angles (full program here):

With two Q&A panels, parallel workshops after lunch, and an interactive futures session on ‘digital humans’ in the afternoon, DISRUPT.SYDNEY shapes up to be another engaging highlight.

DISRUPT.SYDNEY 2018 is brought to you by the Digital Disruption Research Group (DDRG) and Sydney Business Insights (SBI).

Watch the highlights of last year’s conference:

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